Governor’s Ball Attendees Were Forced To Evacuate Due To Severe Weather And The Videos Give Me Anxiety

Burak Cingi/Redferns

Governor’s Ball attendees faced some top notch first world problems on Sunday when the New York Festival was ultimately canceled after being delayed for six hours due to severe weather threats.

At 9:35 pm, the official Gov Ball Twitter page tweeted that it would be canceling the festival just moments before headlining acts The Strokes and SZA were scheduled to perform.

Droves of concert attendees showed up to Randall’s Island by ferry at noon, missing the warning the festival posted on its site earlier that morning.

Via New York Post:

The festival had issued a little-noticed online warning at around 9 a.m. asking attendees not to come to the island as they monitored the forecast — and then announced two hours later that the gates wouldn’t open until 6:30 p.m. over the supposed storms.

Some attendees said they weren’t offered water until around 1 p.m., even as they waited in the close-to 80 degree heat. Others said festival staff dismissively told them to “go to brunch in Manhattan.”

To add insult to injury, the six hour delay for “forecasted thunderstorms” proved to be pointless, seeing as it didn’t even rain. It didn’t rain until they opened the gates. For those who have been to Governor’s Ball (I’ve been three times, not to brag), awful weather should be commonplace at this point.

God hates Governor’s Ball Pt. 12:

While weather is unpredictable, a festival lives and dies by it, and if you don’t have an air-tight evacuation plan, shitloads of rolling millennials are going to get #MadOnline.

As my high school basketball coach used to say, “It’s not what happens that matter, it’s what you make happen after whatever happen happen.” In other words, all’s well that ends well, and Gov Ball did the right thing by issuing Sunday refunds to those who bought passes.