‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ Trailer And Release Date Timeline Teased By Trusted Leaker

Grand Theft Auto V police chase

Rockstar Games

This September will mark the 10th anniversary of the release of Grand Theft Auto V, the wildly successful video game that eventually became the most profitable “entertainment product” ever created.

Of course, the folks at Rockstar Games did a pretty good job squeezing every single penny out of its massive cash cow thanks in no small part to GTA Online, which still boasts a thriving community to this day.

You also can’t ignore the staying power of a game that has been playable on three generations of video game consoles, although fans of the franchise became increasingly disillusioned with each release based on how long they’ve been waiting for Grand Theft Auto VI.

The five-year wait between GTA IV and GTA V had previously been the lengthiest span between games, but the publisher really blew that mark out of the water by opting to take its time developing a new title.

However, fans got some good news when Rockstar got some bad news last year thanks to the massive leak that forced the company to confirm GTA VI is, in fact, in the works and (based on what we’ve seen) will bring players back to Vice City.

Unfortunately, there haven’t really been any major developments since then. With that said, another insider with a history of successfully predicting future developments related to the Grand Theft Auto franchise has provided some insight into the rumored timeline.

On Saturday, the leaker known as “Tez2” hopped on the GTA Forums and stated they believe the first announcement trailer will drop at some point in 2023 ahead of a release currently they say is currently scheduled for the holiday season in 2024.

They also suggested the rise of remote work has stymied the game’s development, and while they hinted there’s a chance the rumored release is pushed even further into the future, they also suggested some parts of the core game could be turned in DLC in order to prevent more delays.

As a result, the light at the end of the tunnel is still a bit dim, but it sounds like it may be getting brighter at some point this year.

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