Guy Fieri Pulls A Massive Bro Move, Serves Barbecue To 1,400 People Evacuated By California Wildfires

guy fieri

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Guy Fieri has certainly earned his title as the Mayor of Flavortown over the years. Last year, when wildfires began to ravage his home state of California, he sprung into action, setting up a kitchen in Santa Rosa to feed victims of the fire. The massive Carr Fire continues to engulf large areas of Shasta County in Northern California. The fire has spread to over 100,000 acres and is only 17% contained as of Sunday night, with eight people – two firefighters – perishing in the deadly flames. The fire has claimed over 850 structures.

Always looking out for his fellow human in a time of need, Guy did what Guy does best: Serve a meal to those displaced by the flames, alongside the heroes risking it all to fight nature’s wrath. Yesterday, Guy headed to Redding, California with chef buddy José Andrés to serve the Carr Fire evacuee shelters and emergency crews.


According to Eater, the host of Triple-D told CNN, “We loaded up our caravan from the wine country, and drove four hours up here…. [We’re] just working arm in arm with the Salvation Army, and local chefs and residents and everybody, just helping out the evacuees. There’s like 36,000 folks that have been displaced, so it’s quite a program.” Fieri also added that he was… “trying to keep the menu interesting.”

Fieri and Andrés did something similar in Puerto Rico last year, setting up an operation with the charity World Central Kitchen to make ham and cheese sandwiches to feed tens of thousands displaced by Hurricane Maria.

It’s a Bro move by the celebrity food host. Last week I drove the I-5 through Shasta County and it’s clearly a disaster area, with poor air quality and almost everything in flames. The community of Redding feels like an apocalyptic nightmare from a Mad Max movie and it’s absolutely heart-breaking.

Glad Guy could feed those helping people in such a moment of crisis. Hopefully the flames get put out soon.