Guy Launches ‘Buy My Life’ Website To Sell His Lavish NYC Experience Which Includes His Friends, Furniture, Lease, And More

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Moving in NYC is one of the least enjoyable experiences on the planet. First-timers are always shocked to learn that you pretty much have to turn your life over to the leasing agent with credit checks, background checks, and multiple fat checks to drain your bank account.

One guy who lived in the city for years but has since moved back to Australia is trying to simplify that process for someone out there and according to his website, Buy My Life, it will only cost $11,000 to make that move-in process as seamless as possible! He’s listed the lease to his apartment (not the apartment itself), his gym access, kitchen supplies, furniture, bed, art, cologne, restaurant recommendations, knowledge of the city, and even some lunch dates with his friends.

David Art Wales, 56, lived in NYC for three decades and now he wants to sell his life to anyone willing to fork over $11,000 because he believes that his accumulated knowledge of the city is valuable alongside all of the possessions and relationships he left behind when moving back to Australia. His ‘Buy My Life‘ website has a pretty extensive list of what’s included.

The location is at 33rd and 8th which is one of the last places in the city I’d ever want to live but I suppose if your job has you working around there it would be fairly desirable. Here’s the ‘overview’ of what’s included with an itemized list below:

So exactly what’s included?

About US$20,000 worth of carefully curated collection of furniture, lamps, books, chachkas, kitchenware, bed linens, groceries, and booze.
The ability to take over my lease paying a grandfathered-in, below-market rent of US$1,000 p/wk (This is only possible because I’ve lived in the building for 14 years and have a great relationship with the fine people in the leasing dept).
My accumulated knowledge of how to build a fine life in NYC or elsewhere will be provided in the form of a dossier and a 12-month email help-line.
Playlists crafted specifically for the apartment.
See Optional below.

And for those planning to live in New York:

An introduction to the leasing office in my luxury Midtown West NYC building.
Free access to the gym, social lounge, and communal roof deck shown in the gallery if you take over the lease.
An introduction to three of my good friends (shown in the Gallery) who’ve agreed to lunch with you. They may even become your friends!
Links to the delivery menus and restaurants I prefer with my favourite items indicated.
Endless advice on where to eat, drink, take coffee, boulevardier, socialise, and edify yourself.

He goes on to list an itemized inventory of all his shit and even includes optional items that people have the option to buy. Part of me is thinking that if anyone cared enough, they could come out of this net positive just by selling all of his shit on the secondary marking over time. As long as they like the apartment this is starting to seem like a great deal.

Here’s the complete list of his things that are included:

Specific Stuff
Below is a list of items included in the sale, many of which appear in the pics.
Note that some items shown have been upgraded, like the Apple iPod / speaker.


Custom translucent roller-blinds in office & block-out roller-blinds in bedroom
Orange MCM Knoll-style couch
Eames Moulded Shell Arm Chair (not a repro)
Philippe Starck Gnome stool / side table
Sculpture: “Piyukherts” by Lynyrd Paras, 2012
Saarinen Tulip chair (repro)
Orange bouncy chair
West Elm Oak table
Wall-mounted Samsung flatscreen Smart TV (52″ approx.)
Various designer cushions (Jonathan Adler, etc)
Blue Dot coffee table / magazine holder on wheels
2 x Wenge finish Room & Board work stations w/rollaway desks
Matching Room & Board dark wood entertainment centre
2 x sets of mini Bose speakers
Various coloured glass & plastic ornaments
Movie posters for “Blow Up” and “Bullitt”
Various designer storage containers

Room & Board cast iron bed with large, matching, wheeled storage tray undernath
Pillow-top mattress (cost US$1000 at Macys)
New quality bed linens and pillows
2 x Room & Board bedside tables
Wall-mounted full-size mirror with walnut frame
Various designer and vintage lamps
Various fully functional antique fans
Approx 6 Ikea Billy bookshelves
Large collection of books, mainly art, design & literature
Lots of peculiar antique knick-knacks
Various designer storage containers
Laundry hamper
Jacques Tati “Mon Oncle” movie poster

Vertical wall-mounted stainless steel wine rack
Space-age toaster, Bullet blender, functioning orange vintage Crock-Pot
Full set of quality kitchenware (pots, pans, cutlery, cookware)
Le Creuset 6 liter casserole dish (Flame colour)
Le Creuset 6 Flame coloured kettle (Flame colour)
Fridge and cupboards full of groceries
Various bottles of booze for cocktails

New shower curtains and floor mat
Various toiletries
Collection of men’s colognes

Antique toys
Watch collection (antiques and replica luxury timepieces)
Pieces of my own art
Video production equipment

As I said before, moving in NYC is a nightmare. Whether it is your first apartment or you’re moving in the same building, a few blocks up, or from Manhattan to Brooklyn, it is ALWAYS a pain in the ass and his ‘Buy My Life‘ scheme appears to soften the blow considerably.

When I left NYC after living there for most of my adult life it was an actual nightmare trying to figure out how to get all of my possessions back down to Florida but only because the city decided to throw me a curveball on moving day. Everything was perfectly boxed up and ready to go for the movers, but when they showed up to empty out my apartment there just happened to be a two alarm fire across the street that day and the entire damn block was covered in fire trucks with the street blocked off. So the movers had to park around the corner, hoof it up three floors of steep stairs in SoHo, grab all my shit, and do that on repeat until the place was empty.

If you’re interested in buying this guy’s life you can click here to check out the website he made for this.