Gwyneth Paltrow Is Getting Dragged (Again) For Saying Something Insufferable And Elitist

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Getting Dragged For Saying Something Stupid Again

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Some rich and famous people just don’t get and never will get it. Yet, for some reason, these people still manage to remain rich and famous. Probably because they’re rich and famous. *cough* Ellen *cough*

One of those people I am speaking of is Her Goopstress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Paltrow, who had welath and fame handed to her on a silver platter as a young woman, hasn’t a clue what the real world is like – something that she has proven time and time and time again.

This week, Paltrow proved it one more time in an interview she did for the latest issue of Town & Country magazine.

In the interview, Paltrow goopsplained just exactly why it is that people dislike her. Might want to sit down because you are not ready for these pearls of wisdom.

“The people who are triggered by me — ‘I don’t like her because she is pretty and she has money’ — it’s because they haven’t given themselves permission to be exactly who they are,” she says.

Goop is about allowing its fans to “ask whatever question they want, to live their lives exactly the way they want to live them, to be empowered to have difficult conversations and to be direct,” Paltrow says. And that—more than cashew dip or infrared saunas—is why the criticism doesn’t bother her. “It doesn’t mean anything to me, because it’s not about me,” she says with a smile. “It’s about what I represent, and that’s about you.”

No, Gwyneth, that is not the reason people don’t like you. In fact, you’re not even close.

For example, when asked what she been doing since everyone has been forced into self-isolation, she told Town & Country

For the last few weeks, she and the Goop team have been supporting a variety of causes to help those affected by COVID 19. “I find that the best way to metabolize the fear that many of us feel during this time is through generosity,” Paltrow told us. “There are numerous people risking their lives to ensure that we’re lucky enough to shelter in place, and they need us. The Frontline Responders Fund is dedicated to protecting those brave souls with necessary PPE gear, ensuring they too can come safely home to their families.” This week, Goop is also donating 25% of profits from their GOOPGLOW 20% Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid Glow Serum to the Frontline Responder’s Fund, as well as 25% of the profits of the G. Label outfit Paltrow wears in this story.

So, if you buy some of her overpriced ridiculous crap, not just any of her crap, but very specific overpriced crap – like a $495 pair of culottes – her company will donate some cash to the cause.

Here are a few more gems from Paltrow’s interview to hammer home just how insufferable she is.

• “Walking is my new thing,” Paltrow says. “My best mom friend out here is a real walker. She was living in Hong Kong with her banker husband, and I was in London with my musician husband, and we moved to L.A. after having been expats for a long time. She started taking me on walks.”

• “There’s a sense that if you take every word that comes out of her mouth too seriously, that’s your problem, not hers.”

• (Photo caption) Paltrow wears a G. Label jacket ($595), bikini top ($170), and culottes ($495); Vram earrings and ring ($26,000); and Hermès sandals ($1,550).

• As her friend and sometimes collaborator Gucci Westman, the makeup artist, puts it, “In the way that there’s only one Coco Chanel, there’s only one Gwyneth.”

• Her current cocktail of practices includes a weekly visit to the Class by Taryn Toomey, dance-cardio classes with Tracy Anderson, CorePower Yoga, rolfing, sweating in her at-home infrared sauna, and meditating a little bit every day.

Must be nice.

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