Coronavirus Shocker: Gwyneth Paltrow Is Getting Dragged For Doing Something People Think Is Tone Deaf

Gwyneth Paltrow Dragged For Being Tone Deaf In Coronavirus Crisis

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Fire up the outrage machine one more time. (What the hell else do we have to do?) First we had Ronda Rousey bragging about not needing, as she put it, a “coronavirus panic shopping list.” And now, as hard as it is to believe, Gwyneth Paltrow is getting raked over the coals for doing something tone deaf.

I know, right? Gwyneth Paltrow? Tone deaf? Unprecedented!

Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true.

Her Goopstress is getting blasted for posting a photo on Instagram trying to sell her outfit, her $1,000 outfit (a G. Label “Alexander” slit trouser skirt costing $450 and Alexandre Berman’s “Clarita” sneakers at $425, according to Page Six) with the caption, “Most days you’ll find GP wearing G.Label with a pair of sneakers — which is one reason we make it an annual tradition to put together a fresh sneaker guide each year. Get ready to cover some serious ground (run, don’t walk).”

While not the worst offense, and totally in character for her, this might not be the best time to be reminding people how wealthy you are and few cares you have in the world.

Just sayin’.

Goop has since deleted the photo from its Instagram account. Probably because of comments like these…

“I think it’s irresponsible to post this as a world-wide pandemic is going on. You have a great platform around health. Now would be the time to expand on it.”

“Come on goop, when you said GP, I thought at first you were referring to Dr. Please use your platform in a more sensitive way…I really don’t think it’s the time to think about buying trainers when people are struggling to buy day to day supplies. We don’t want doom and gloom, but maybe a post on boosting your immune system, staying healthy etc…”

GOOP TO ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Wash your hands a lot.

But hey, Goop also posted this public service notice as well so it’s all good.

“The question on everyone’s mind right now seems to be: How can I stay healthy? With flu season in full swing and more developments coming every day on the novel coronavirus, it’s helpful to be informed, prepared, and vigilant for your health and for the health of those around you. While you may want to get some basics (canned foods, groceries, hand sanitizer), we don’t necessarily recommend buying out your local Costco’s toilet paper supply to plan for Armageddon. What doesn’t hurt: following preventive guidelines to stay healthy, practicing social distancing, and doubling down on your immunity arsenal.⁣”

A couple of weeks ago, Gwyneth joked about getting the coronavirus as she flew to Paris, making an allusion to the fact she was in the movie Contagion.

“En route to Paris,” she wrote. “Paranoid? Prudent? Panicked? Placid? Pandemic? Propaganda? Paltrow’s just going to go ahead and sleep with this thing on the plane. I’ve already been in this movie. Stay safe. Don’t shake hands. Wash hands frequently. 😷”

It sure is.

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