Ronda Rousey Is Getting Absolutely Crushed For Bragging About Not Needing A ‘Coronavirus Panic Shopping List’

Ronda Rousey Ripped Over Coronavirus Panic Shopping List Post

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Part-time wrestler, part-time actress, one-time UFC champion Ronda Rousey is getting ripped to shreds for posting a hot take about her and her husband Travis Browne not needing a “coronavirus panic shopping list.”

As much of the world is trying to figure out just what the hell to do when it comes being able to gather enough supplies to weather the coronavirus pandemic in safety (if they are lucky that is the least of their concerns), Rousey bragged on social media that she has no such worries.

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“Our coronavirus panic shopping list is: Nonexistent,” Rousey wrote on Instagam, and shared on Twitter.

“It’s no secret I’ve been a proud preppier for years- but let’s all learn from this pandemic panic and be a little more self sufficient and prepared in the future. Taking steps to live sustainably takes time but ultimately saves money, permanently eliminates water and power bills, reduces our carbon footprint, and is just plain healthier.

“We started @browsey_acres with just a compost bin and a few boxes of @soylent, which then became just a small herb garden, then a full garden (admittedly still under construction) then a few chickens, then a few more chickens (and ducks!), then a whole steer, then a solar roof, then a water catchment system.

“Start small! Just start! Let’s stop panicking and start preparing! Stay safe out there and #StayRowdyMyFriends!”

Of course, Rousey wasn’t trying to rub it in people’s faces that she is significantly more prepared (and wealthy) than the average American, it’s easy to see why her post could be viewed as more than a little out of touch.

Something the keyboard warriors of Twitter had zero problem letting her know about in the comments section.

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