The Hardest-Partying States And Hardest-Working States In America – One State Works Hard, Plays Hard

Hardest-partying states in America and the hardest working states in the US.

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There was not a lot of partying to be had in 2020, never-the-less Best Life was determined to find the hardest-partying states in the U.S. Congratulations to the Mid-West for absolutely dominating the hardest-partying states in America.

To determine the hardest-partying states they examined the number of bars per capita, gallons of alcohol consumed per capita, the percentage of adults who reported “excessive drinking,” percentage of adults who used cannabis, and how many party schools were in the state.

10.) Rhode Island
9.) Vermont
8.) Pennsylvania
7.) Ohio
6.) Iowa
5.) South Dakota
4.) Wyoming
3.) Montana
2.) North Dakota
1.) Wisconsin

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For diehard BroBible readers, Wisconsin should not surprise you. We covered a 2018 study that found seven of 10 top drunkest cities in the U.S. were in Wisconsin.

10.) La Crosse-Onalaska, Wis.-Minn.
9.) Wausau, Wis.
8.) Grand Forks, N.D.-Minn.
7.) Missoula, Mont.
6.) Oshkosh-Neenah, Wis.
5.) Fargo, N.D.-Minn.
4.) Madison, Wis.
3.) Appleton, Wis.
2.) Eau Claire, Wis.
1.) Green Bay, Wis.

You can see all 50 states here.

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Now for the other side of the spectrum – the hardest-working states. WalletHub determined the hardest-working states by looking at factors such as average workweek hours, unused vacation time, households with zero workers, average commute time, and leisure time spent per day.

10.) Hawaii
9.) Maryland
8.) Virginia
7.) Colorado
6.) Oklahoma
5.) Nebraska
4.) Texas
3.) Wyoming
2.) Alaska
1.) North Dakota

After being named the runner up to being the state that parties the most and named the winner of the hardest-working state, North Dakota is the official “work hard, play hard” state.

See the 50 hardest-working states here.

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