Harvard Astrophysicist Says Advanced Aliens Could Be Creating Entire Universes

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Astrophysicist Avi Loeb, chairman of Harvard’s Department of Astronomy from 2011 to 2020, claims aliens may be creating entire universes in labs. And yes, that includes ours.

Loeb, who is currently on a $1.5 million mission to determine if a meteor that crashed into the southwestern Pacific Ocean in 2014 is actually UFO crash debris and alien in nature, recently explained his theory to Fox News.

“A very advanced scientific civilization is a good approximation to God,” said Loeb.

“Because just imagine a cave dweller visiting New York City and seeing all the gadgets in technology in terms of the lights appearing as a miracle to the cave dweller.

“So a higher level of intelligence may not be understandable to us.”

Professor Loeb then briefly discussed how advanced aliens could possibly create an entire universe.

“A superhuman civilization that understands how to unify quantum mechanics and gravity might actually be able to create a baby universe in a laboratory. A quality that we assign to God in religious texts,” he explained.

This is not a new claim by Loeb.

Earlier this year in a op-ed he wrote for Scientific American, Loeb explained, “Since our universe has a flat geometry with a zero net energy, an advanced civilization could have developed a technology that created a baby universe out of nothing through quantum tunneling.”

He compared our universe to that of “a biological system that maintains the longevity of its genetic material through multiple generations.”

If his theory is true, it gives credence to other theories scientists have hypothesized, like that which claims we are just part of some sort of high-tech simulation.

“There are tens of billions of planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone and hundreds of billions of galaxies like the Milky Way in the observable volume of the universe,” he also said.

“Perhaps noticing a neighbor will be a wake-up call that will bring us together. … There might be many more neighbors that are far more accomplished than we are, and we can learn from them.”

Loeb calls his work “space archeology.”

“Archeology in space, trying to figure out who preceded us,” he explained. “And when I say preceded, it’s by billions of years, not thousands of years, like on Earth.”

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