This Heavy Metal Cover Of Beck’s ‘Loser’ Is The Only Thing I’m Listening To Today

Anyone else out there finding it remarkably hard to concentrate today? I don’t know if it’s the suffocating weight of the holidays on the horizon or the fact that I’ve been running on fumes this week but today just seemed off until I came across this Heavy Metal track from Leo Moracchioli.

There are actually two heavy metal songs below from Leo Moracchioli. I found the Heavy Metal cover of Beck’s ‘Loser’ after coming across Leo’s cover of ‘Down Under’ by Men At Work and I thought I’d throw both of them on your radar today.

It’s been a hot minute since I last shared any new music here on BroBible and I’m not sure these actually qualify as new because they are covers of popular songs but Leo throws his unique Heavy Metal influence on them where he plays each instrument and they’re damn good.

Here’s that Heavy Metal Cover of ‘Loser’ by Beck for you to rock out to all day:

Want some more? Check out this Heavy Metal cover of ‘Down Under’ by Men At Work that just went up on YouTube today:

That bass line in ‘Loser’ is an all-time great. I love seeing it brought back with some new life.

If you are looking for more of these Heavy Metal covers you can check out this version of ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson and/or this heavy metal cover of ‘Africa’ by Toto.