Chili’s Just Created An Amazing ‘Hi, Welcome To Chili’s’ Halloween Costume Based On The Vine Meme

Chili's Grill and Bar

I love memes. I love Halloween. I also love those baby back baby back baby back ribs almost as much as Michael Scott.

The best Halloween costumes in 2018 are the ones that embrace meme culture. We get it, Hunter S. Thompson and The Dude from Big Lebowski who haphazardly threw a robe on. You threw this together on 10/30 with no other original thought in mind. I am very guilty of this myself: Last year I knew on a yellow shirt and a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company hat that I bought at the Santa Monica pier and went as running-across-America Forest Gump simply because I have long hair and a massive beard.

Chili’s Grill and Bar, the go-to restaurant chain of middle class fancy Americans everywhere, came up with a truly original meme/marketing stunt that’s a deep dive into meme culture. Remember the “HI, WELCOME TO CHILI’S” vine?

They turned an absurd, three-second Vine from three years ago into an *actual* Halloween costume.

You can buy it at at For real. It’s $25 and includes a cardboard iPhone cutout, which feels like a small price to pay for owning a pair of Chili’s boxers. What underwear drawer or relationship is complete without a pair of Chili’s boxers?

It’s a Halloween costume almost as good as Southwestern spring rolls. Just imagine what Nance will say when she sees you drinking crispy boys inΒ those.

I can guarantee you almost no one at your Halloween party will get the joke unless you work at, say, the r/memes division of Reddit. But if you get it, you get it.

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