High Roller Kicked Out Of Las Vegas Club Proceeds To Get Pettiest Revenge Ever On Wynn Hotel

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An extremely petty feud played out in Las Vegas over the weekend with a high roller exacting revenge on the Wynn hotel for a perceived slight.

Details of what exactly happened in the beginning are unclear, but what we (think we) know is a high roller was ejected from the XS night club after an argument with the XS operations manager and that led to him getting trespassed from the property.

Because this was in Las Vegas, and money can pretty much buy anything at any time in Vegas, he proceeded to exact the pettiest revenge ever. He moved across the street to the Resorts World casino and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to plaster huge messages on the building that were directed straight at the XS operations manager.

The first message that went up on the Resorts World casino is ‘Ben’s World,’ a nod to the fact that this high roller named ‘Ben’ spent $200,000 at Resorts World that day, money that the Wynn missed out on:

A second message went up, aimed directly at the XS Operations Manager who is supposedly named Niko. This tweet implies that the Wynn hotel has contacted police after this high roller keeps spending to send them messages on from the Zouk (night club) at Resorts World:

Some of the comments suggest the person threatened the Wynn manager and his family. There’s really no way of knowing what happened until after the police and/or the hotel release a statement.

It is hard to imagine this happening in any other city on earth. A high roller getting kicked out of a night club an proceeding to spend hundreds of thousands at a nearby property all just to send the property that kicked him out a petty message.

This might happen in small towns with someone buying a billboard and plastering a petty message. It’s certainly happened in College Football in the past. But not like this, not with someone spending $200K and another $50K after getting allegedly kicked out of a night club.

Later on Monday as this story began to circulate, some ‘details’ that were unconfirmed but plausible began floating around social media.

First, some claim the initial incident was caused because the high roller wanted the XS nightclub to open an hour early for him which they don’t do for anyone. The guest was barred after things escalated.

After that, it’s believed the ejected guest shared inappropriate messages on his Instagram account before moving to Zouk and spending $200K which afforded the opportunity to start plastering messages on the building…

There are alleged tweets floating around of videos claiming to be the high roller at XS, before he got ejected, but those are unconfirmed. They refer to him as ‘Ben’ which matches the ‘Ben’s House’ message but it could be any Ben, for the most part.

Meanwhile, off the strip in another part of Las Vegas, poker pro Daniel Negreanu was having the best night ever (a wholesome night) with some high schoolers playing poker on their last night together before college.

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