Diddy Was The Highest-Paid Musician In 2017 (Taylor Swift #17, Drake #3)

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Diddy has been in the Rap game for decades, but he’s long since transcended Rap and Hip-Hop. He became a cultural icon over the years, a producer, TV star, and mogul. Now, he’s the highest paid musician in the entire world (in 2017).

Raking in a career-best $130 million, Diddy earned more than guys like Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney. He bested Taylor Swift and Beyoncé to earn the top spot on Forbesannual list of the 25 highest paid people in Music. Here’s a look at the top 25 highest paid musicians of 2017 and how much they brought in over the past 12 months:

1. Diddy: $130 million
2. Beyoncé: $105 million
3. Drake: $94 million
4. The Weeknd: $92 million
5. Coldplay: $88 million
6. Guns N’ Roses: $84 million
7. Justin Bieber: $83.5 million
8. Bruce Springsteen: $75 million
9. Adele: $69 million
10. Metallica: $66.5 million
11. Garth Brooks: $60 million
12. Elton John: $60 million
13. Paul McCartney: $54 million
14. Red Hot Chili Peppers: $54 million
15. Jimmy Buffett: $50.5 million
16. Calvin Harris: $48.5 million
17. Taylor Swift: $44 million
18. Kenny Chesney: $42.5 million
19. Luke Bryan: $42 million
20. Celine Dion: $42 million
21. Jay-Z: $42 million
22. Bruno Mars: $39 million
23. Tiësto: $39 million
24. The Chainsmokers: $38 million
25. Jennifer Lopez: $38 million

A few things that jump off this list to me are 1) Beyoncé destroyed her husband Jay-Z in the rankings. I can only hope and pray that they have some ridiculous bet in their household where the loser has to clean the toilets or change diapers for a week or some bullshit like that. I also love that Calvin Harris came in one spot ahead of his crazy ex Taylor Swift who has been overexposed and on the decline as a musician ever since she quit Country.

I’m also shocked that Burno Mars isn’t in the top 15. For a guy who seems to show up at the Super Bowl every goddamn year you’d think that he’d be making more than someone like Jimmy Buffett, but then again, Jimmy Buffett tours hard.

To see how all of these musicians made their fortunes in 2017 CLICK HERE to visit Forbes!

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