Here’s How To Survive If You’re Ever Caught In An Avalanche


Shutterstock / Lysogor Roman

Dying in an avalanche might be one of the most miserable ways to leave this world that I can think of. You’re just skiing/snowboarding along and out of nowhere you trigger an avalanche and all hell breaks loose. You outrun it briefly but then get caught up in the mayhem, maybe have some limbs broken, and then you’re buried underneath the snow with your injuries fighting for oxygen.

To avoid an avalanche, you first and foremost avoid any ski slopes between 30-to-45 degrees. But, if you plan on hitting the slopes then there are some tips you can learn that might save your life one day. For starters, in most recreational ski areas there’s a daily avalanche forecast which you can check. This will give you insight into how likely you are to experience an avalanche.

Over 70% of avalanche deaths occur because the victim can’t breathe. If you’re ever caught in an avalanche then something you want to be thinking about the entire time is keeping your air passages free. Cover your mouth so you don’t get snow in there. Keep your mouth shut. If you’re packed in ice try and puff yourself up so there’s an air pocket to breathe into.