Four Dudes Turning Themselves Into Synchronized Human Fountains Is The Most Ridiculous Video Of 2018

human fountains music video

Human Fountains

There was a time long ago when a music video could make or break the success of a song, a time when Carson Daly was considered a famous person and watching something on the internet meant not being able to use your home phone for a day. There’s a good chance no one would have ever heard of OK Go if it wasn’t for the incredibly impressive visual accompaniments to their songs, but in recent years, music videos have become more of a footnote than anything.

However, as Childish Gambino recently proved after he lit the internet on fire with his “This Is America” video, visuals can take a normal song to the next level. Nothing proves that more than a recent video from a group of guys known only as Human Fountains who just put out a piece of art unlike anything I’ve seen in a while.

Before you watch this clip, I want you to know I don’t have any of the answers you’re probably going to seek after it’s over. I’ve never met any of these gentlemen in my life, I don’t know why they’re wearing bathrobes typically reserved for bridesmaids, and I have no idea why they decided to spend what must have been dozens of hours of their lives making this.

With that said, I’m very, very glad they did.

I don’t know if the guy who made Samsara is working on a sequel, but if he is, he might want to give this group a call.

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