Hurricane Irma Causes Ocean To Disappear And Seas Go Dry In Bahamas And Florida

Hurricane Irma is so intense that it has sucked up massive amounts of water from beaches in Bahamas and Florida in recent days. This incredible phenomenon will blow your mind and make you skeptical but it is indeed real. Powerful hurricanes such as Irma can become so potent and have such low pressure that they siphon ocean water into the eye of the storm. Just like your mom, the hurricane’s eye acts as a sucking mechanism. The super low pressure in the center of the storm pull in air and water from nearby areas. This unbelievable condition is temporary, but it makes for some wild photos when you see that the ocean disappeared.

The negative surge first stole water from Long Island in the Bahamas and completely exposed the ocean floor.

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I haven’t seen something suck so much since I saw “The Emoji Movie.” The water that had receded in the Bahamas returned the next day.

These playful pups take advantage of the naturally drained area near Tampa Bay and Davis Island in Florida to run and frolic.

Another view of the Tampa Bay gone dry.

I haven’t seen a bae go this dry since you tried to seduce your girlfriend by shaving her name in your pubes.


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