If You Loved ‘LOST’, Then Check Out Netflix’s ‘Dark’



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WandaVision held captive our collective attention while the audience insisted on creating connections and thinking up theories that weren’t really there. Game of Thrones naturally invited rampant speculation as the biggest television series on the planet that was also deeply rooted in mythology and mystery. Both attracted and grew their sizable fanbases by the intense engagement and internet sleuthing that they generated. On that front, both owe a deep debt of gratitude to Lost.

Though the intrinsically unclear nature of Lost eventually became its undoing, the show’s early prominence was directly tied to the conversation it inspired, the online fan communities it brought together, and the rabid theorization that resulted. It was the first TV child of the internet age, tapping into our newfound online connection and platforms to turn an ambitious broadcast drama into a full-fledged phenomenon. For perhaps the first time in the small screen’s history, audiences were no longer passive bystanders. Ongoing puzzles for viewers to solve brought them directly into the mix and complex character interactions served as the foundation of Lost’s success. If those are the elements you found attractive and endeared you to the island, then Netflix’s German-language science fiction series Dark is a worthy successor to the mantle.

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