Instagram Cosplay Model Is Selling Her Bathwater For All The ‘Thirsty Gamer Boys’ For $30 And It Already Sold Out

Guys, let’s face it, we’re thirsty. It’s in our DNA. But, we probably don’t need to be so desperate as to let someone take advantage of our thirstiness by financially draining us for things such as say… bathwater or videos of a woman sneezing.

One entrepreneurial woman has seized on an opportunity to make some extra income by selling her bathwater. Yes, dirty bathwater. And this smart young woman is charging $30 for the privilege of owning her dirty bathwater.

Belle Delphine is a British cosplay model and Instagram personality. The self-proclaimed “weird elf kitty girl” is heavily influenced by Japanese anime as well as “nerd” and gamer culture. The Instagram model often wears brightly colored wigs and animal ears.

Her very colorful Instagram account has over 3.8 million followers and her devoted fanbase are interested in purchasing her bathwater apparently.

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On Tuesday, the 19-year-old influencer announced the new product launch on her Instagram and said: “i am now selling my BATH WATER for all you THIRSTY gamer boys.”

Delphine’s “Gamer Girl Bath Water” comes in a small jar, which has a lid with an Xbox controller and says: “Love, from Belle Delphine.”

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The product description says: “Bottled while I’m playing in the bath. This really is bath water.. disclaimer: This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.” Guys are definitely drinking this bathwater from this thirst trap.

Because dudes are so thirsty, the bathwater from the infamous eGirl is already sold out. She monetized bathwater and you guys bought it. God bless her if she can sell dirty water and god bless you if you can afford $30 bathwater.

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