Social Media Influencer Shows Tricks Models Use In ‘Instagram Versus Reality’ Photos

23-year-old Instagram model Sara Puhto has been posting "Instagram versus Reality" photos since 2016 to show secrets of social media influencers.

Getty Image / :Leonid Eremeychuk

Instagram models show off seemingly perfect bodies on social media. But you may be shocked to find out that everything is not as it seems. Instagram models use plastic surgery, photo filters, and manipulating angles to present amazing photos. A social media influencer shared some of the tricks that Instagram models use to get that perfect thirst trap pic.

Sara Puhto is a 23-year-old social media influencer from Finland. She has a reoccurring photo series on her Instagram titled “Instagram versus Reality,” that shows the little tricks that Instagram models utilize to make their bodies look as sexy as possible. Puhto posts side-by-side photos of herself, one where she is flexing and another where she is in a natural state.

Puhto runs the @saggysara Instagram that has over 327,000 followers. She started the “Instagram versus Reality” photos in 2016 to show everyone that these models on Instagram have flaws too, which could help young women who might be weight conscious or attempting to attain unrealistic body standards seen on Instagram.

“I think being more transparent about falsities in photos helps you realize that the people in these seemingly ‘perfect’ posts don’t look like that all of the time,” Sara told Insider.

“I noticed that my body didn’t look like this 24/7,” Sara said. “When you suck in your tummy, flex, stand up straight, and pop out your booty, you look different in photos.”

“I was posting fitness photos only, which consisted of me flexing my muscles and were all taken from my best angles,” Puhto told Insider. “It made me feel insecure and bad about my body because I was comparing my body to theirs.”

“I realized that the photos that I was posting may have been making other people feel like this,” Sara said. So Puto started posting more “body-positive” photos and subtly poking fun of the crazy poses as well as the deceptive practices that Instagram models utilize to fool people.

Puhto said that the outrageous and impractical poses in Instagram pics are not “an accurate representation of how someone looks.”

Fake hair. Fake nails. Fake faces. Fake bodies. Fake orgasms. Is there anything genuine about women?