This Intense Debate On The Correct Way To Slice A Piece Of Toast Is Why The Internet Was Invented

Internet Debate Correct Way Slice Toast


Is there a correct way to slice a piece of toast? Apparently, there is, but the internet was being torn apart this week over which way is the right way.

Personally, I didn’t even know that how you slice a piece of toast was something people could actually debate. Boy, was I ever wrong. Turns out, people have some VERY strong opinions on how you should cut a piece of toast. I guess there really is nothing in the world that people will ever 100 percent agree upon.

It all began innocuously enough with a tweet by the Sheffield Hallam University food service staff in England asking which way people would prefer to have their toast sliced. They even provided three different choices.

Frankly, I could live with toast choice number one or three, probably with choice one being my top selection. Choice number two just seems weird to me, but it certainly wouldn’t stop me from eating it.

Apparently, based on my preferences, I am some kind of monster.

Wow. Who knew toast was such a serious issue?

Luckily, I am not alone though.

Thank you!

Makes sense to me!

All I know is that if the repeal of net neutrality makes it harder for me to be entertained by mindless arguments about things like how to properly slice a piece of toast then I am gonna have to smack somebody.

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