Internet Reacts To Shock Ending Of Latest ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ Episode

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After weeks of beating around the bush, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has committed to what kind of character Wyatt Russell’s unhinged John Walker, the new Captain America, will be.

Warning: spoilers for the latest episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, “The Whole World Is Watching”, will follow.

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Those hints at Walker’s fractured mental state were paid off in Episode 4 as the new Captain America did something he truly cannot come back from: killing a man in cold blood, in broad daylight, no less.

Following the death of his partner and best friend Lemar Hoskins, a.k.a. Battlestar, Walker snaps on one of the Flag Smashers — ironically, it’s the one who told Karli that he used to look up to Captain America — beating him to death with the iconic star-spangled shield in the middle of a town square as horrified civilians watch.

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In fact, the horrific display from John Walker makes the new Captain America as much of a villain as anyone else in the series so far, at least as far as Twitter is concerned.

With both Sam and Bucky — the two people on the planet who loved Steve Rodgers and what his Captain America shield stood for the most — standing right there as Walker unleashed his madness, it’ll be interesting to see if next week’s episode picks up with the two attempting to subdue the newly murderous Cap. They’re literally *right there*, surely they can’t just… let him go, bloody shield and all?

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