Style Influencer BryceKicks Tell Us His Secrets To Elevating Personal Style

BryceKicks Interview

  • Style influencer BryceKicks gives us a window into developing and elevating personal style.
  • The Canadian-based style influencer shares seasonal fashion recommendations and tells us his favorite brands to wear right now.

The coolest aspect about style is it provides the outside world a window of who we are. How you dress—for better or for worse—can often tell someone everything they want to know about you before even uttering a word. The music you listen to, the art you enjoy, the food you eat, the culture or subculture you belong to, your style is everything.

In words less dramatic than the prior sentence above, style is important.

One individual who knows the importance of style is Bryson Moore, also known as BryceKicks.

Who is BryceKicks?

BryceKicks started his YouTube channel a little over three years ago as a way to express his love for sneakers and sports. Videos with titles like 4 Ways To Style The Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage, 10 Nike Dunk Outfit Ideas, and 15 Easy Air Jordan 1 Outfits have racked up hundreds of thousands of views and solved styling conundrums in typically no more than 8 to 12 minutes.

Right now, the Toronto-based style influencer sits on the cusp of 40k subscribers on YouTube. He also communicates with his nearly 9k followers on Instagram.

BroBible Interview With BryceKicks

We were sold on BryceKick’s style knowledge when we saw his recently popular Men’s Summer Fashion Trends. So we gave him a call to learn more about how he’s built his wardrobe over the years, as well as asking for a few tips on how one can upgrade their personal style.

BroBible: Hey Bryce, thanks for making the time. Where are you located at the moment?

BryceKicks: Hey thanks for the opportunity! I’m currently living right outside Toronto, Canada. I’ve lived in this area my whole life, but I just recently moved into this apartment you’re seeing behind me.

Congrats on the move! I want to jump right in and talk about your style journey. How did your interest in fashion come to be?

I’d have to say it started with sneakers. I was the type of kid who would go with my parents to the mall and shop through stores like Footlocker and Champs. I’d go inside and just marvel at the products on the shelves and dream about one day being able to afford the shoes on the wall.

My passion for sneakers then grew when I saw my cousin’s collection. His closet was filled floor to ceiling with shoe boxes, and he’d go through and show me every single pair and explain why they were rare. Once I got a little older I started pushing carts at the local grocery store. I’d take my paycheck and immediately put it towards the latest releases at the mall.

Sneakerheads are often guilty of wearing cookie-cutter matching shorts and t-shirts with their shoes. You’re obviously far from those outfits, but how did you learn to avoid that cliche?

Well, for me it’s always been balancing the matching of my sneakers without being too over the top. Growing up, I was always drawn to casual style and the latest trends you see at stores like Zara or Urban Outfitters. They’re good stores to shop at when you’re young and on a budget, they have basics everyone should have in their wardrobe.

My style has developed in a number of different ways over the years, but I’m focused on wearing mostly timeless items that never fade out while mixing in trends I think I might like.


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Can you give me an example of how you do that now?

Yeah, so I want to wear pieces that complement each other. I can always wear a pair of beige khaki pants, but if I want to elevate my outfit while still essentially keeping the same color and look, I’d reach for, say, double knee carpenter pants with a bit of a baggier fit. Keeping the beige color the same but adding a modern twist with a pant that’s on-trend.

How do you spot trends? Where should readers look if they want to discover clothing trends on their own?

My inspiration comes from just the community I’m in—streetwear, sneakers, vintage, pop culture. I’d say finding fashion accounts to follow on Instagram are huge. They’re the ones that break down what people are wearing and why the trend is popular, which essentially trickles down from the celebrity. Influencers and celebs these days like Travis Scott, Virgil (Abloh), Kanye West, they dictate a lot of what’s popular right now for me. Other celebrities with really good style like ASAP Rocky I follow too.

So starting at the source of who’s wearing the clothes you like the most.

Right, and from what I see I’ll ask myself, “How can I take this inspiration, find an affordable version of that piece online, and then add my own flavor and twist?”

How important is owning clothes that fit you properly?

Fit is the most important thing. When it comes to advice for styling and how to wear an outfit better, it’s about getting the proper fit first. It requires you to be willing to try stuff on. Everybody probably has a favorite t-shirt they think fits them really well. So if you were to take those measurements (pit to pit, shoulders, hem, length) you’d have a guide to what you like best and what looks good on you.

“Fit is the most important thing.”

Me personally, I like casual clothes that are a bit baggier, but I know not to go too far with them fitting loosely.

You’re also talking a bit about proportion.

Exactly, you want to know how silhouettes fit with each other. And to be honest with you, I try to be very careful in how I convey my content so it doesn’t come off as this is what you need to wear. This is how I like to dress and if you like it. Cool.

“This is how I like to dress and if you like it. Cool.”

If you don’t that’s ok, there are so many different styles and personal tastes. I try not to bash anything because what I don’t like might be someone’s favorite thing. And so with my channel, if you like how I dress, then welcome to the community!

Off the top of your head, if you were to give some specific style essentials right now what would they be? 

So there are a couple of items I’ll recommend. I’m going to give this a summer spin. The first option, super affordable, is the white-on-white Nike Air Force 1’s. They’re one of the best-selling sneakers of all time for a reason, and I still wear them to this day. You can wear them with anything.

This year, my favorite sneaker released so far is the Aimé Leon Dore (ALD) New Balance 550.

In terms of shorts, you can’t go wrong with Nike Woven Shorts. They’re made with nylon and the inseams on them are a perfect 6 to 7 inches. They come in a ton of different colors and are pretty good at resisting moisture. Another option for shorts that I like lately is Umbro checkboard shorts. You can buy them on Amazon and they have great colors like red, forest green, navy, and so on. The bold colors and pattern will add depth to your outfit.

And then for t-shirts, I like to keep them clean. No huge logos on my chest, but if it’s a vintage tee with a unique graphic I’ll wear it. One of my favorite t-shirts to wear at the moment is Carhartt pocket tees. They’re easy to order and cheap, plus they have a bit of an oversized fit that I like to pair with those 7″ inseam shorts.

Bryce Kicks Interview

Any accessories?

If we’re going to accessorize, I’m going to get a simple tote bag from say, Uniqlo. They have great tote bag offerings and they’re lightweight and good for carrying small items around. I’m also a big hat guy, so I’d do a trucker style cap or a fitted cap. I’m really on the new comeback of wearing fitted hats and I like to shop on Hat Club to find rare and exclusive colorways of teams.

Awesome! Great rundown.

That’s kind of the BryceKicks starter pack right there.

Can you tell us what’s on the horizon for BryceKicks the business?

Yeah! Big stuff is planned for the channel here in the next couple of years. I just signed on with an agent to help me with partnerships and collaborations. My immediate goal is to just attract more people to the channel and make sure I keep my platform sustainable. I really love what I’m doing right now and I want to continue creating great videos.

And for my long-term goal I’m looking at starting my own clothing brand someday. I’ve sort of dipped into the beginning steps of sourcing and finding suppliers and I’m really liking where it’s going. That’s probably the last phase of what I’ve got planned.

Exciting news. Thanks once again Bryce for taking the time and giving us these tips!

Thanks so much for your questions and compliments! Take care.

To connect with BryceKicks you can find his Youtube channel here and his Instagram here.

If you want to check out a few of the products BryceKicks mentioned, you can click on each item to take you to their listings: Nike Air Force 1’s, Nike Woven Shorts, Umbro Checkboard Shorts, Carhartt Pocket Tee, Uniqlo Tote Bag.

John is the Style & Gear Editor at BroBible. You can contact him on Twitter @johnthompsoniv or via email