Twitter Thread Of Irish People Roasting Ill-Advised Outfits Is Proof Ireland Is Home To The Funniest People On The Planet

Ireland clothing outfits insults Twitter thread


  • Ireland might be home to the funniest people on the planet based on a Twitter thread filled with stories about people in the country roasting others over their ill-advised outfits
  • A user kicked things off by recalling the time they were called “Super Mario” because they wore a red beret in public and inspired a ton of other people to share similar experiences
  • Read more about Ireland here

I’m not one of those Americans who insist on calling myself “Irish” because my great-great-grandfather made his way through Ellis Island in the 1800s, but I can safely say my sense of humor falls firmly in line with the brand of comedy the Emerald Isle is known for.

There might not be any academic papers examining the roots of the humor that defines Ireland, but I recently came across a pretty intriguing theory that was penned by a fan of the truly delightful Derry Girls who said they grew up in the titular city at the height of The Troubles. They posited the Irish turn to comedy to cope with the many issues people in the country have been forced to deal with thanks in no small part to centuries of British imperialism (as well as a sizeable dash of Catholic guilt), an idea that others in a better position to discuss the topic than myself have echoed.

Regardless of the true reason, anyone who’s had the pleasure of visiting Ireland or hanging out with some of the country’s natives likely knows they’re masters of improv with an impressive ability to come up with some fantastic jokes on the spot. If you need proof they’re just built differently, I would direct you to a phenomenal Twitter thread filled to the brim with some amazing anecdotes concerning the Irish roasting some unfortunate souls over their outfits.

Over the weekend, a Twitter user kicked things off by recalling the time they decided to wear a red beret in the city of Waterford only to be dubbed “Super Mario” by a passerby.

That inspired plenty of others to share similar experiences, and if you’re looking for a laugh today, you’ve come to the right place.

Never change, Ireland. Never change.

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