Episode 3 Of ‘The Mandalorian’ Finally Confirms Whether Or Not He’s Actually Boba Fett


Just three hours into its history and The Mandalorian has already given an answer to one of the longest-running fan theories about the show.

Warning: spoilers for The Mandalorian will follow.

Given the very obvious helmetal (this is not a word in the English language but I’m making it one for the purpose of this article) similarities between the two, it had many fans believing — at least prior to the series — that one of the show’s big reveals would be that the Mandalorian is actually Boba Fett, the beloved bounty hunter from the original trilogy.

However, not even halfway through its first season, The Mandalorian has seemingly given a resounding answer to the Boba Fett question, and that answer appears to be no.

At the end of the third episode, as the titular Mandalorian escapes with Baby Yoda aboard his ship, one of his fellow Mandalorian warriors fly up next to him using a jetpack, prompting the Mandalorian to proclaim that he’s “gotta get one of those.”

As Star Wars fans know, Boba Fett was famed for his jetpack, as he was actually last seen using it the last time he appeared in the main trilogy prior to his death:

Given that The Mandalorian takes place after the events of The Return of the Jedi, that would mean if the Mandalorian was Boba Fett — which he’s not — he would have already owned a flying jet-pack thingy and therefore would not need to “get one of those.” He would have already had one, would likely know where to get one, and wouldn’t be referring to it as “one of those.”

The fourth episode of The Mandalorian — which will officially mark the halfway point of the season — will hit Disney+ next Friday, November 29. You can catch The Mandalorianand tons of other Star Wars bangers, on Disney+ now.

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