‘It’s Always Sunny’ Creator Says Next Season Will ‘Most Likely Be All About This B.S.’


In this day and age, it’s important to claim the small victories where you can, look on the bright side, find joy in the little things, etc, etc. Everywhere you turn these days — whether it be on television or social media — there’s some new crisis unfolding, both foreign and domestic. We live in a Bad News Economy, and in order to break out of that cycle, you need to go out of your way to do so.

So, with all that in mind, I bring you this It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia update from its creator Rob McElhenney, who tweeted on Sunday that the upcoming 15th season of the iconic comedy series will “most likely be all about “this bullshit”.

As for what exactly McElhenney means by “all of this bullshit”, one can only assume that he means the current state of affairs in the United States, meaning we could get episodes like “The Gang Joins QAnon” or “The Gang Cures Corona”, or “The Gang Gets Quarantined” (wait, actually, that one already exists — season 9, episode 7) and so on.

When the 15th season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia does finally roll around (at this time, there’s no indication of when exactly that will happen), it’ll be a historic one, as the series is now the longest-running live-action comedy in the history of the medium we call television.

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