Steve-O Reveals The Three New Faces Joining The Squad In ‘Jackass 4’ Including An Odd Future Member

Jackass 4 new members odd future


  • Steve-O revealed three new members are joining the legendary squad of daredevils in Jackass 4
  • The new crew includes a professional surfer and a member of Odd Future, who will help fill the void left by Bam Margera
  • Read more about the upcoming movie here

It’s been over two decades since the first episode of Jackass aired on MTV and almost as long since the merry crew of misfits banded together for their first movie, which featured stunts like an alligator chomping on Johnny Knoxville’s nipple, Dave England taking a dump in a floor-model toilet, and Steve-O snorting a line of wasabi.

The third film in the Jackass franchise was released in 2010, and based on everything the aging members of the squad had subjected themselves to over the years,  it wouldn’t have been hard to blame them for riding into the sunset after capping off the trilogy.

We were treated to a pleasant surprise in 2019 when the daredevils announced they’d be reuniting for one last hurrah in the form of Jackass 4, which is slated to come out in September. Things got off to a fairly rocky start after Knoxville and Steve-O landed in the hospital just a couple of days after shooting commenced, and the movie has been mired in drama concerning the erratic behavior that led to Bam Margera getting fired from the project (and resulted in director Jeff Tremaine getting a restraining order against him).

However, based on a video Steve-O recently threw up on YouTube, three new members will be picking up the slack after officially being added into the fold for Jackass 4.

The trio consists of Red Bull surfer Sean “Poopies” McInerney, Instagram stuntman Zach “Zackass” Holmes, and Jasper Dolphin, the Odd Future member who honed his Jackass chops on the Adult Swim series Loiter Squad.

Jackass 4 cannot get here soon enough.

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