James Bond Is For Sale – MGM, The Studio Behind The Franchise, Is Exploring Their Options


According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer — the famed studio behind the James Bond films — is reportedly exploring the sale of the iconic franchise, as they’ve hired megabanks Morgan Stanley and LionTree LLC to carry out the formal sale process.

The studio has contemplated a sale at various points over the past few years, but potential suitors have previously balked at the price MGM was seeking. MGM is hopeful the current process will generate interest beyond Hollywood’s traditional players, from international media companies, private-equity investors and blank-check companies, one of the people familiar with the matter said.

MGM’s exploration of a possible sale comes amid a bidding war for content to fill a new wave of streaming-video services. MGM’s library of titles could make it an attractive target, its investors say. [via The Wall Street Journal]

While seismic, MGM’s possible sale of the 007 behemoth isn’t necessarily surprising, as there were reports from earlier this fall that the studio was looking to unload No Time To Die for a record fee (there were reports MGM was asking in the neighborhood of $500 million for the rights to the film).

Given the overwhelming size and scale of the James Bond property, you have to imagine that all of the big dogs in Hollywood — from Apple to Amazon, from Netflix to Universal to maybe even Disney — will explore its purchase.

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