James Harden And Lil Baby Getting Shook By Paris Paparazzi Becomes Lovely Meme

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By 2025, James Harden and Lil Baby will have a buddy cop movie executive produced by Kevin Hart and The Rock. It will get a 48 on Rotten Tomatoes, but make $4 billion in the box office alone.

This is a complete guess, but the proof of concept was established internationally as the pair stoked the fire to their bromance during Paris’ annual Fashion Week.

A little context, Harden and Lil Baby are not only fast friends, but business partners. Harden signed on to be an executive producer on Lil Baby’s album Voice of the Heroes, and the Georgia rapper has sat courtside in Brooklyn to cheer on Mr. Harden.

Here they are at the Balenciaga fashion show sitting next to a fully-masked Kanye West.

The two then engaged in a couples photoshoot during their bromantic trip to Paris.

Lil Baby captioned the photos below: “Ball So Hard That Shìt Crazy !!”

Here are the two being caught off guard by the paparazzi. They may or may not be high as giraffe balls. Again, this is a complete guess, but I know a high guy when I see one.

Harden and Lil Baby look like they just went for “a walk” on Thanksgiving and Uncle Dale is fighting for the merits of the Confederate flag.

Carry on.

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