Jason Alexander Absolutely Crushing Billy Joel’s ‘New York State Of Mind’ Is What I Needed Today

by 6 months ago

I needed this today. Master thespian Jason Alexander crushing Billy Joel’s ‘New York State Of Mind’ at home on the piano is just what the doctor ordered.

It has my mind racing with thoughts of the future and getting back inside of a pack Madison Square Garden for concerts and games. To feel the energy of the City™ that never sleeps up and running again.

Also, if you only know Jason Alexander as George Costanza it might come as a shock to you that he’s one of the most talented people in Hollywood and not just a comedic actor. He was nominated for seven consecutive Emmy Awards for Seinfeld but he’s won a Tony, Grammy, Sag Award, and been nominated for Golden Globes.

The man is quite possibly one of the most talented people to ever make it out of Newark, New Jersey and here he is singing a Billy Joel anthem and absolutely crushing it:

If that Twitter video isn’t loading for you then you can click here to access it directly on Twitter.

Based on the responses to his tweet, it seems like everyone on the damn planet enjoyed these three-plus minutes of Jason crushing Billy Joel and a momentary distraction from the outside world. Here’s Billy Joel’s version for anyone out there who now has this song stuck in their head:

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