Jason Momoa Is Reportedly The Only Reason Amber Heard Didn’t Get Fired From ‘Aquaman’

Jason Momoa Reportedly Personally Advocated For Amber Heard

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  • The defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues.
  • Figures from DC Films have been testifying in the trial this week.
  • One witness said that Aquaman star Jason Momoa is the reason Heard kept her job.

With the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continuing to unfold, figures from DC Films — such as president Walter Hamada, for example — have begun to testify. The reason is that Heard starred as Mera in the 2018 film Aquaman.

Kathryn Arnold, a producer and entertainment industry consultant, according to the New York Post, testified on Tuesday that the only reason heard kept her job for the sequel is because star Jason Momoa and director James Wan personally advocated for her. To be clear, though, Arnold met with Heard prior to her testimony.

Industry expert claims Jason Momoa personally advocated for Amber Heard to keep her Aquaman role

“Her work stopped,” Arnold said, adding that rather than having negotiating power for the upcoming Aquaman 2, Heard was “fighting for her life” for the role’s reprisal.

The only reason she wasn’t completely cut from the blockbuster, set to premiere in 2023, was because co-star Jason Momoa and the film’s director, James Wan, were “adamant” that she keep the role and personally advocated for her, Arnold said. [via New York Post]

Regardless of the fact that she kept her job, Heard’s role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was “radically reduced” due to her court of public opinion battle with Depp, according to Arnold. Arnold also said that had it not been for Depp and his legal team, Heard’s career would be similar to that of Gal Gadot or Ana de Armas.

Heard also said something similar in her testimony last week, saying that the studio cut “a bunch of her scenes” from the film.

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