Jennifer Lawrence Challenges Fallon To An Axe Throwing Contest, Shares Cheerleading Story

by 3 years ago
Jennifer Lawrence Axe Throwing


Jennifer Lawrence was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night where she took the opportunity to challenge Jimmy to an axe throwing contest. Jennifer also talked about the time her mother told her that her pet horse had died during one of Jennifer’s cheerleading competitions growing up. At first, it didn’t look like Jennifer Lawrence was super enthused about bringing up this dark story from her past but it took no time at all before Jen was cracking jokes about her dead horse. I’ve included both clips below.

After seeing how the results of that contest wound up, I’m guessing Jennifer wished she never picked up that hatchet, but there’s no running from the video evidence:

Even though that lopsided hatchet throwing contest video is on YouTube’s Trending list I still think this clip below is better. There’s something great about people applying humor to stories that were clearly dark as hell at one point in their lives:

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