This Jeopardy Contestant’s 76ers Answer Was So Wrong, Joel Embiid Retired His Old Nickname


File this under: Jeopardy Contestants Don’t No Squat About Sports Volume 2,971 sponsored by Rec-Specs.

This is just a huge loss for the nerds, who for centuries have tried to fight the stigma that knowledge and a pair of thick lenses are the antidote to athletic and sexual prowess.

Trebek knows that contestants on his show know as much about sports as Philip Rivers knows about applying a condom. Thats why the $1,000 sports category clue is always something my mother can answer, and she thinks the Flint Michigan Tropics are a real pro team.

Paul’s out here buzzing reallll quick for a guy who thinks James Naismith is a poet.


Paul: What is ‘Turn This Gosh Darn Ship Around’? 

Mike: ‘What is Hoosiers?’

Margaret: “What is ‘Winning The Sports Ball Match Please Give Me Partial Credit Alex I Need This'”


Don’t hang your head, Paul. Mr. Embiid is already embracing his new moniker.

Maybe this is the shakeup the Sixers desperately need. That or locker room leadership and a third quarter oxygen mask for Embiid.