‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Gets Roasted For Confusing Michael Caine With Mick Jagger

'Jeopardy!' Player Roasted For Confusing Michael Caine With Mick Jagger

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  • A Jeopardy! contestant left plenty of viewers baffled thanks to an interesting mixup
  • The player guessed “Who is Mick Jagger?” after being shown a picture of actor Michael Caine
  • Plenty of fans roasted them over the mistake

I’ve played a large enough role in securing a number of $15 gift cards at bar trivia over the years to convince myself I could probably hold my own on Jeopardy! if I ever got the chance to compete on the show. However, I’ve always been incredibly hesitant to actually try to make that dream a reality due to the very real chance it could transform into the ultimate nightmare.

It’s easy to tell yourself you’d walk away with a solid chunk of cash and the right to introduce yourself as a “Jeopardy champion” for the rest of your life. However, there’s also the very real chance you end up embarrassing yourself on national television and get treated to a lifetime of sleepless nights because you’re forever haunted by the memory of the time you were deprived of the chance to compete in Final Jeopardy after finishing the second round in the red.

Mazin Omer was thankfully spared that fate when he competed on the episode that aired on Monday night, as the Student From Toldeo, Ohio was all but guaranteed a second-place finish after heading into the last segment with a respectable $9,200 (which was $9,000 ahead of the third-place finisher but $20,200 less than the sum defending champion Eric Ahasic was sporting when Double Jeopardy wrapped up).

However, his appearance was slightly tarnished thanks to a mixup that occurred halfway through the opening round.

A $400 answer in the “Knights” category challenged contestants to identify a man officially known as Sir Maurice Micklewhite, a clue that appeared pretty straightforward thanks to the visual hint that accompanied it: a picture of actor Michael Caine.

Unfortunately, Mazin opted to go with another old British guy before quickly learning that Mick Jagger is not, in fact,  celebrated thespian Michael Caine.

He’s far from the only Jeopardy! contestant who’s fallen victim to a somewhat embarrassing answer over the years, but that didn’t stop plenty of viewers from voicing their astonishment.

At least Mazin can take some solace in knowing the mistake didn’t really end up playing a role in the final result.