Joe Exotic Is So Confident He’s Getting A Pardon He’s Got This Pickup Truck Limo Ready To Pick Him Up From Prison

Tiger King Star Joe Exotic In Talks To Do A Radio Show From Prison


There have been reports circulating for days that the President plans to issue ‘around 100 pardons and commutations’ on his final day in office. It’s sure to be a mixed bag of people who receive the pardons. Lil Wayne has been trending on Twitter for days with tens of thousands of people assuming Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. will be the recipient of a presidential pardon. That’s right, a Joe Exotic pardon is a very real possibility.

Elsewhere, Joe Exotic is so confident that he’ll be receiving a presidential pardon that he’s already queued up a pickup truck stretch limo and has it locked and loaded to pick him up from prison if and when the word comes through that Joe’s a free man. I’ll be honest, I haven’t spent a passing second thinking about Joe Exotic since Tiger King hit Netflix back in March at a time when the entire nation was stuck at home and had nothing better to do than watch that show.

Based on these reports, it sounds like we’re on ‘Tiger Watch’ all day. Team Tiger is signaling that they know something the rest of us don’t. He previously reached out to Kim Kardashian to ask for help with a pardon.

Joe’s currently serving a 22-year sentence after he was found guilty in a murder-for-hire plot against Carole Baskin. His team filed for the pardon back in September. Usually, presidential pardons are passed out to somewhat deserving recipients and/or people with close relations to the president. But nothing about the past year has been normal and at this point in time I legitimately wouldn’t be shocked if Joe Exotic, real name Joseph Allen Schreibvogel, receives a presidential pardon on Trump’s last day in office.

Joe maintains his innocence and has told KTUL News that he was ‘railroaded and betrayed’ by others. Anyone who watched Tiger King and the follow-up TV specials could make their own assessments of what happened. And he was found guilty. I guess we won’t have to wait super long to find out if Joe Exotic receives a pardon and leaves prison in that outrageous limousine.