Joe Rogan Asks Sanjay Gupta Why CNN Lied About Him

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  • Joe Rogan welcomed Sanjay Gupta onto his podcast and confronted him about CNN’s coverage of him taking ivermectin.
  • Rogan pressed Gupta to explain why the network lied about him taking a horse dewormer after he tested positive.
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Joe Rogan revealed back in early September that he had tested positive for COVID-19 and shared that to combat the virus he “threw the kitchen sink at it.”

Among his myriad of treatments, he admitted he was using was Ivermectin. This caught the attention of every media outlet as the World Health Organization and FDA warn against using Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19.

Rogan specifically didn’t appreciate the way CNN was portraying his use of Ivermectin, which has both an oral paste to de-worm horses as well as an anti-parasite medication for humans.

The human version has been distributed in over 3 billion doses to people over the last 30 years. India, Latin American, and Caribbean countries have all prescribed Ivermectin for preventative treatment of the virus.

After recovering from COVID-19, Rogan welcomed Tom Segura on his podcast in which Segura joked in the opening “well, if it isn’t ole horse worm Rogan.” Rogan laughed and asked, “Do I have to sue CNN?” Rogan then went on to state that Jim Acosta and others at CNN were saying that he was taking horse dewormer, not the human, prescription version of Ivermectin.

Rogan welcomed Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, to his podcast on Wednesday and confronted him about the network lying about him taking Ivermectin. He went as far as to say that CNN was consciously making up the lie, even though they understood the difference between the two different medications of Ivermectin.

Joe Rogan Asks Sanjay Gupta Why CNN Lied

“It’s a lie, it’s a lie on a news network,” Rogan said. “It’s a lie that they’re conscious of, it’s not a mistake, they’re unfairly framing it as veterinary medicine.”

“Why would you say that about a drug that’s been given out to billions and billions of people. A drug that is responsible for winning the Nobel Prize in 2015 and a drug that’s been shown to stop viral replication invitro. Why would they lie and say that’s horse dewormer? I can afford people medicine, mother f–ker.”

Moments later in the conversation, Gupta admits that Ivermectin can be a very effective medication for parasitic diseases. He then tries to divert the conversation, which Rogan wasn’t having at all.

“No, before we get to that, does it bother you that the news network you work for out and out lied, just outright lied, about me taking horse dewormer? Why did they do that,” Rogan asked.

Gupta admitted that CNN shouldn’t have said that and that he doesn’t know why the network would.

It’s probably safe to say that Gupta’s experience on Rogan’s podcast wasn’t as fun as he expected it to be.