Joe Rogan Reveals The Relatable Reason Why He Can’t Play Video Games Anymore

Joe Rogan Reveals Why He Cant Play Video Games Anymore

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  • Joe Rogan revealed on a recent edition of the Joe Rogan Experience why he can’t play video games anymore.
  • Discussing it with guest Duncan Trussell, Rogan explained that gets far too obsessive when playing them so he had to quit.
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Addiction is a nasty thing. Whether it involves alcohol, drugs, or even, in the case of Joe Rogan, video games.

In the past, the host of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast has talked about his love of the video game Quake.

A few years back, Rogan even admitted to spending $10,000 a month just to play Quake and said he was playing the video game eight to 10 hours a day.

This week, while chatting with guest Duncan Trussell, Rogan once again discussed his obsession with video games and explained why he simply cannot play them anymore.

“I can’t have the video games,” Rogan admitted to Trussell. “That, to me, is like protecting my children against wolves. It becomes this obsessive thing where it’s like, I’ve got to protect the tribe. You get locked into these goddamn games because they’re so exciting.”

“I wish I wasn’t such a simpleton because if I could f—ing just play for like one hour and stop… I cannot. Because, at one hour, I start getting a better feel of where my cursors going, when I’m moving the mouse around. I get a better understanding of strafe jumping and where to aim with my rail gun, can’t do it. I’m too dumb. I get too excited. I get too locked in.”

Last year, Rogan told Hannibal Buress when he was a guest on the show, “I have a real problem with video games. We have a whole video game room back there, like a LAN room, I don’t even go in there anymore. I just stay away from it like I’m an alcoholic and it’s a bar. I can’t go in there. We were playing hours every day until the point Jamie was telling me I had a problem. He would leave. He’d be like, ‘I’m not playing anymore’.”

Rogan added, “It was bad. Like, hours and hours every day. We’d get done with the podcast and I couldn’t wait to go play…. hours and hours and hours. Before I’d leave — we played Quake Champions — my hands would be all sweaty, I’d feel like I’m nervous, I’d leave, I’d be driving home, and I’d be like ‘I don’t feel good.’ I feel bad. I was like physically feeling bad. And then I started sleeping badly, and I was thinking ‘I’m putting my body through all this crazy stress.'”

As some of you out there reading this very well know, video game addiction is real. Just ask Joe Rogan.

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