New Photo For ‘John Wick 3’ Has 2 Dogs And The Internet Vows To Protect These Good Boys At All Costs

John Wick Keanu Reeves Horse Meme


John Wick: Chapter 3 looks to have more assassins than ever, more intense shootouts than ever and more dogs than ever. A new photo features two beautiful dogs accompanying Keanu Reeves’ John Wick character and Halle Berry’s character Sofia in the upcoming John Wick 3 movie. However, fans of the film are most concerned about what could happen to the good boys and are willing to protect these doggos at all costs.

As in the first two John Wick movies, the third chapter will also star dogs. The internet seems to be emotionally scarred from the first film that *spoiler alert* didn’t end well for John Wick’s pooch. In the new image from John Wick 3 released by Lionsgate, we get a closer look at Halle Berry’s two magnificent Belgian Malinois dogs.

With the new dogs seen in the photos, the internet was very concerned about the dog introduced in John Wick 2 and are wondering if that good boy was killed like the first doggo.

Then there were the people ready to protect the two new dogs at all costs.

Then there were those who could not emotionally handle another dog murder.

Wick will allegedly meet Sofia and her dogs in the Middle East as you can tell by the sandy scenery. “She has a past with John,” Reeves said of Sofia. “I end up going to find her to see if she can help me.” These new dogs have new meanings compared to the first film. “Whereas John’s puppy was symbolic of his wife, Halle’s two dogs are symbolic of someone she’s lost,” director Chad Stahelski told EW. Stahelski adds that Sofia’s “canine assistants” work “very well tactically.”

Stahelski reveals that the third movie will be “a little bit of an origin story” and the film’s death count will “land slightly north” of the first and second films. “The third chapter is literally connected to 2 and starts with John Wick on the run,” Reeves says. “It goes crazy from there.” Stahelski said, “We did the first one and were like, ‘They’re going to laugh at us.’ This one, I’m already looking for janitorial jobs.”

JW3 sees the return of Ian McShane and Lawrence Fishburne. Newcomer Asia Kate Dillon will play a character associated with the criminal council known as the High Table. Angelica Huston will be a character who is “someone who was responsible for [Wick’s] upbringing and his protection.” The movie also stars Common, Ruby Rose, Mark Dacascos, Hiroyuki Sanada, Tiger Hu Chen, Yayan Ruhian, Cecep Arif Rahman, Lance Reddick and Jason Mantzoukas. Dog Wick: Chapter 3, errr, John Wick: Chapter 3 happily runs into theaters tongues and guns-a-wagging on May 17, 2019.