Michael Jordan Spotted Wearing A $162K Urwerk UR-220 Watch At NBA All-Star Weekend

Michael Jordan Spotted Wearing A $160K URWERK UR-220 At NBA All-Star Weekend

Getty Image / Jason Miller

  • Michael Jordan was spotted wearing one of his favorite watches during NBA All-Star Weekend
  • Jordan was wearing a custom UR-220 from the Swiss watchmaker Urwerk
  • The ticket price of the watch is normally $162,000, but Jordan’s likely cost significantly more

One of the coolest aspects of this year’s NBA All-Star weekend was the celebration of the NBA’s 75th Anniversary. Among the festivities was a special presentation of the NBA 75th Anniversary Team.

Tons of NBA legends showed out, but the one who received the most attention was Michael Jordan.

Jordan was visibly excited to be around the league’s best players. Several images and videos of him embracing players like LeBron and Luka Doncic, as well as celebs like Mary J. Blige, have been making the rounds on social media.

Jordan Spotted Wearing Custom Urwerk UR-220

One image in particular that caught our eye was the one posted by Australian watch connoisseur Nick Gould, also known as @niccoloy on Instagram.

Gould is famous for spotting watches on celebs and professional athletes. He spotted this custom Urwerk UR-220 in this photo of Jordan having a conversation with LeBron at the All-Star Game.

Jordan is a known fan of Urwerk watches. Gould points out the custom details on the UR-220 like red accents and the XXIII engravement below the crown.

Gould also points out the roman numeral engravement is filled with gold in another photo of Jordan at the All-Star Game—this time with former teammate Dennis Rodman.

Pricing and Features of Urwerk UR-220 Watch

This isn’t the first time Jordan was spotted wearing a Urwerk timepiece. In June of 2021, he was spotted wearing a custom blue version of the UR-220 Falcon Project at the Toyota/Save Mart 350 race at Sonoma Raceway.

Getty Image / Maddie Meyer

The estimated price of the UR-220 is about $162,000, but considering Jordan’s are custom, we’re guessing the total value is much higher.

As far as the specs go, the UR-220 includes a limited production of only 15 watches per year. The Swiss watchmaker outfits the UR-220 with a manually wound movement and control board on the back.

What makes the watch so unique is its insanely cool retrograde time-telling system. The system is broken into three elements:

A central axis set in ruby bearings, a cylindrical marine chronometer type spring running vertically around the axis, and a double coaxial star-shaped cam regulating the retrograde mechanism.

A case made of 81 layers of CTP carbon is used to make the watch exceptionally strong while staying light as a feather. The carbon layers are also thin, keeping the timepiece sleek and not too bulky.

Michael Jordan Spotted Wearing A $160K Urwerk UR-220 At NBA All-Star Weekend


One feature of the watch I love includes an oil-change service indicator that keeps track (in months) of how long the movement has been going along.

Seeing so much Jordan content over the weekend was great enough for fans. Getting an ID on his mega-expensive watch is just another cherry on top of the best moments of All-Star Weekend.