Kanye West Showed The Whole World His iPhone Passcode And The Internet’s Reactions Were A+

Kanye West iPhone Passcode President Trump

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Kanye West, Kid Rock, the Beach Boys’ Mike Love, and more musicians met with President Donald Trump today. (No, this is not a lede swiped from The Onion.)

Aside, before we get into this… is Kanye still going by his new name “Ye” or are we already over that?


Okay, back to the story.

Rock, Love, Grammy president Neil Portnow, RIAA president Mitch Glazier and more were in D.C. for Trump’s signing the Music Modernization Act.

Ye was in town, ostensibly, to discuss job opportunities for ex-convicts, prison reform, how to prevent gang violence and reduce violence in Chicago (Ye’s hometown), and ways to increase manufacturing jobs in the Chicago area.

West’s wife, reality TV star Kim Kardashian has already met with Trump twice at the White House. (Again, this is not from The Onion.)

During Ye’s visit with The Donald, he said about the red MAGA cap he was wearing, “There was something about putting this hat on that made me feel like Superman.”

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However, it wasn’t Ye’s hat that garnered all the attention from the internet today. It was that iPhone you see him holding in the photo above.

That’s because when West unlocked his iPhone to show Trump a GIF of a hydrogen-powered plane he showed the whole world his passcode: 000000.

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“Zero zero zero zero, a whole lot of O’s”

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