Kanye West Runs Away From TMZ Reporter After Being Asked About Insane Twitter Rant Directed At Drake

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Yesterday Kanye West went on an epic day long tweet storm directed at his former friend Drake. It all started when Ye called Drake “faker than wrestling” for requesting to clear a record just months after badmouthing him on LeBron’s “The Shop”.

Drake: So I played him my music and I told him when I was dropping. I was 60 percent done with Scorpion. He told me he was just working on some beats and he wasn’t dropping until October. While I was in Wyoming I played him March 14th and even sent him a picture of my son, I tell him I’m having trouble with my son’s mother.

The first album drops and there’s a diss song towards me that you produced. That’s talking about writing? I was just there with as friends helping you and now you’re dissing me. I was like man this is dark.

Ye then went on to say that Drake called him and physically threatened him in an insane rant that lasted hours.

Even Kim Kardashian got involved in the beef and fired a shot off at Drake.

Early this morning Kanye visited the JP Morgan Chase headquarters in New York and was greeted by a TMZ cameraman as he was leaving the building. Kanye immediately bolted to his car as soon as the TMZ photog started asking questions.

If I had to guess this all a publicity stunt for Kanye’s new album “Yandhi” that is set to release son.

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