Katy Perry Has Been Accused Of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior Again, This Time By A Female TV Presenter

Katy Perry Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Russian Female TV Presenter

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So, who is having a worse week? Antonio Brown or Katy Perry?

Brown’s NFL trials and tribulations with his helmet, feet, and being sued, have been well-documented both on the internet and on TV including HBO’s Hard Knocks.

Katy Perry, on the other hand, has now made news twice this week for sexual harassment. Think I am leaning towards her having the worst week.

On Tuesday, Perry was accused of sexual assault, exposing the genitals of Josh Kloss, the male star of her “Teenage Dream” music video.

On Friday, another charge of sexual harassment was levied against the 34-year-old singer. This time, as Page Six reports, it’s by popular female Russian TV presenter Tina Kandelaki.

“Once I was invited to a private party with Katy Perry, where she, being pretty tipsy, chose me as an object for the manifestation of her passion,” Kandelaki, 43, said, according to StarHit. “I managed to fight back, strength training was not in vain, and Katy instantly found a new victim for kisses, hugs and dirty dances.”

She continued, “As far as I can tell, there were no casualties at the party, but I won’t be surprised at the stream of memories of unhappy fans who for years carried this inside themselves, and now they suddenly remembered the scolded dignity.”

Neither Perry nor her reps have commented on either of this week’s allegations.

Katy Perry has also been accused in the past of crossing boundaries and inappropriate sexual behavior. The singer also grabbed Shawn Mendes’ butt at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards and then kissed a American Idol contestant on the lips without his consent in 2018. Behavior, that if she was male would have, at the very least, required a public apology in each case.

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