Kevin Smith’s Doctor Told Him All The Weed He Smoked Before His Heart Attack Saved His Life

Kevin Smith Weed Heart Attack Saved Life

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Comic book expert and aficionado Kevin Smith (oh yeah, he’s also a pretty accomplished movie and television director and writer) suffered a massive heart attack back on February 25th while filming his Showtime stand-up special, Silent But Deadly.

He has since made a tremendous recovery, even losing 32 pounds so far and looking like a completely new man.

However, since he is a noted wake-and-baker Smith was worried when he had his heart attack that all the weed he’d been smoking had triggered it. Turns out the opposite was true: smoking pot may have actually saved his life, said his doctor.

“I honestly thought I was too high,” he recalled to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show Tuesday night. “I had smoked a bunch of weed that day because I was doing the shows, then I smoked a joint right before the show and I got off stage and all of the sudden, I had a heart attack.”

“I asked my doctor like after this was all done, I was like, ‘I hate to ask this question, man, but did I have a heart attack because of the weed? Because I smoked a joint right before the show.’”

“No. In fact, quite the opposite,” Smith recalled his doctor telling him. “That weed saved your life.”

As his doctor explained, the weed had helped him stay calm despite all that was happening to him and how serious it was.

“He said, you kept calm…they told you [you] were going through stuff and you kept calm the whole time, so that joint saved your life,” he recalled his doctor saying.

As Smith quipped on the late-night show, “I’m putting that on a T-shirt.”

Smith also shared how the symptoms he felt when having his heart attack were common indicators of distress, but he wasn’t aware of them. He recalled having the sweats, breathing heavy, feeling nauseous, but he didn’t feel any arm or chest pain, so he had no idea how serious the situation was at the time.

Thankfully, Silent Bob isn’t staying very silent about what happened to him, because (a) he shares some really important information, and (b) he tells one hell of a good story. (Stick around for the part where he compares what his doctor did to him to a 70’s porno. Hilarious.)

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