Kevin Smith Shares Shocking Weight Loss Transformation Photo After Near-Fatal Heart Attack

Kevin Smith

Shutterstock / Kathy Hutchins

Two months ago, Kevin Smith suffered a massive heart attack that almost killed him. The Clerks director has completely changed his diet and this week Kevin shared a photo of his dramatic weight loss and it is pretty shocking. Smith posted a side-by-side photo of his much heavier self from 10 years ago and his current-day svelte self.

“Same dude, different day. Pic on the left, is from nearly 10 years ago, at Zack & Miri premiere. Pic on the right is minutes ago. I was in Manhattan yesterday – a city that’s legendary for it’s amazing variety of food and eating options, where you could dine out here every night your entire life and never have to eat at the same restaurant twice. It’s a land of food glorious food… but I’m on a diet. So even though they served what looked like an amazing buttercream cake at the @amc_tv event I went to last night, I didn’t indulge. And next time I gotta stare down a meal the old me would’ve inhaled, I’ll look at these two images of me out on control and me under control. It’ll help keep the cake on the plate instead of in my maw. #KevinSmith #FitterButBitter #diet

On March 21st, Smith happily announced that he lost 20 pounds in 13 days. “My Doc said lose 50 pounds. 20 down, 30 more to go!” Smith wrote at the time. Smith is recovering well after his near-fatal heart attack caused from 100% blockage of his LAD artery aka “The Widow Maker.”

But just because he’s not indulging in buttercream cake does not mean he can’t enjoy 4/20. Smith posted his “plan for 4/20,” but let’s hope he didn’t overdo it with the munchies afterward.