People Are Losing Their Minds Over This 10-Year-Olds Insane Christmas List With $10,000 In Items From Cash To Live Animals

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When we are little kids we’re forgiven for our foolishness. We have no real concept of how much things cost and what goes into earning enough money to pay for those things. We don’t realize that a brand new Ferrari costs more than some people’s homes or that something as small as a wristwatch can easily cost more than most people earn in a year.

But by the age of 10, we’re expected to have at least some semblance of the world and how it works. It’s apparent by then that every dad on the block doesn’t own a Lamborghini not because he doesn’t want one but because the world is a cruel place depriving all of us of owning sick Italian sports cars.

This kid in question, they apparently haven’t grasped how the world works yet. Or perhaps they are privileged and live in some sort of rich bubble. Or this kid is a genius and realized that if they shoot for the stars and ask for $10,000+ in gifts their parents would subconsciously spend more on Christmas presents than they’d previously planned on spending.

This dad on Twitter went viral after sharing his 10-year-old daughter’s Christmas list that includes $10,000 in items ranging from a live rabbit to straight-up cash. I used to get anywhere from $20 to $250 in my Christmas cards depending on the relative but that’s chump change to this little girl. She wants four thousand dollars. Why that specific number? Who knows. Here’s her list:

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That list includes: An iPhone 11, Air Pods, new Mac Book Air, A LIVE RABBIT, Hydro Flask water bottle, Clothes, Makeup, Pink Pumas, Gucci Slides, Chanel Purse, Essential Oils (I think?), American Girl Doll Car, New Shoes, Earrings + Jewelry, Checkered Vans, a GoPro, Pink Duck Tap (Tape?), Food Coloring + Laundry Detergent, Clothes for the LIVE RABBIT, $4,000 in cash, Lol Doll Camper, Lol Dolls/Big Sitter, Lol Dolls something (Sharay? Shalay?), New Sheets + Cover, and an alarm clock.

In the same damn list, she asked for an alarm clock, laundry detergent, $4,000 in cash, and Gucci slides. This is madness and I respect it.

As you can imagine, people have been losing their shit in response to this dad’s tweet that has already been retweeted 24,000 times (find me on Twitter at @casspa by the way!). Responses range from ‘this child is insane’ to other people thinking this kid is just trying to put positive thoughts into the world in order to make her dreams come true.

Was wondering this same thing myself:

The most likely explanation:

I might be giving 10-year-old’s too much credit here because I had dinner last Friday with some relatives and one of us was telling us how a neighbor of theirs let their kid borrow their credit card at the mall and gave them a limit of $50. That little girl spent $2,000 on gifts for her friends. That kid was 11-years-old (I think, I dunno, I was a little drunk at the dinner).

Anyway, I wish this kid the best of luck this Christmas. Hopefully, she gets on the ELLEN show or something and they make all of her wishes come true. Or someone out there takes the initiative to start a GoFundMe to make this happen. I’m definitely not in the camp of ‘this kid is insane and needs a dose of reality.’ That’ll come later in life. Everyone gets hit by reality eventually. Why shouldn’t this be the best Christmas in history for that little girl?

(h/t NYPost)