This ‘Kids Guide To Roasting’ People Book Should Be Required Reading For All Adults

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kids guide to roasting people book


Hardly a day goes by on the internet in which you don’t read about someone getting “roasted” by other people. For proof of that I went and looked at how many articles on our site have used the word “roasted.” Turns out that there are 319 of them.

From the Vegas Knights roasting the Montreal Canadiens to Conor McGregor getting roasted by the internet for his awful toothpaste commercial, no one is safe.

So with all this roasting taking place on the internet it begs the question: are we doing it right?

Thankfully, a middle school teacher named Neyce shared some vital information about roasting that her students had gathered up and put into book form.

It’s called The Roasting Book Rules 1-6 – a how to book that should now be on everyone’s reading list.

Talk about woke. These kids are the definition of it. Check out the rules they laid down…

Rule no. 1: Don’t roast somebody if you are ugly.

Example: “Boy yo hair line looks like a rainbow!”

That’s a no no if you don’t have a hairline.

I’ve never heard that insult before, but I will defer to the youths on this one.

Rule no. 2: Sense

When you are roasting make sure what you are saying makes sense, or matches that person’s look.

Don’t say: Boy you look like a ummm.

NO! I’ll roast you myself.

Sense? What’s that? Someone in D.C. needs to check into this.

Rule no. 3: Level matching

Don’t roast on somebody that has the ability to put people on hush mode.

Warning: Roast on your level.

If you know you only have a few jokes or they are not that funny, don’t roast or try to roast the funniest person. (Don’t get your feelings hurt.)

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