Lana Del Rey Comes Out Against Furries: ‘I’m Not A Furry, You Guys Are Gross’

Lana Del Rey comes out against furries. “I’m not a furry. You guys are gross,” the star singer said in an Instagram live video on Wednesday while vaping.

Getty Image / Michael Kovac / Stringer

Don’t expect to see Lana Del Rey at your next furry convention, not that you would see her face anyway if she was wearing a pink fabric wolf head. The Summertime Sadness songstress came out against furries in a new Instagram live video where she was vaping. Furries attempting to cancel Lana Del Rey in 3… 2… 1.

On Wednesday, the smokey-voiced singer was doing a live video and talking to her adoring fans on Instagram. After taking a big hit of her vape, Lana Del Rey gave her opinion on furries. She is not a fan. “I’m not a furry. You guys are gross,” Lana said during the livestream.

A commenter said: “Lana is a furry WTF.” Then Lana Del Rey clarified that she is definitely not a furry. Here is the full video, Lana announces her anti-furry stance at the 10:41-mark.

Furries are people who enjoy wearing costumes that look like anthropomorphic animal characters, but have human personalities and characteristics. Furries develop their own “fursona,” which represents their animal persona, whether they are pretending to be a wolf, a cat or a dragon. Some furries use their furry fandom to satisfy sexual desires. One study of furries found that for 37% of furries sexual attraction is important in their furry activities.

In other Lana Del Rey news that does not involve furries, her new album is receiving fantastic reviews. Lana Del Rey’s new album Norman Fucking Rockwell earned a 9.4 score from Pitchfork, 4.5 stars from Rolling Stone, five out of five stars from NME, an “A-” grade from Consequence of Sound and Paste called the album an “instant classic.”