Get An Amazing Last-Minute Halloween Costume Using Natty Light Boxes (With Step-By-Step Directions)

We are only nine days away from Halloween and of course you don’t have a costume because you’re a procrastinating POS. Don’t fret. Natural Light is here to help with your last-minute Halloween costume needs. Instead of wasting all that money on a Halloween costume that you’ll wear for six hours, puke on, then throw in the garbage, you can get a costume that technically costs nothing because they are Halloween costumes constructed of Natty Light beer boxes!!!

Instead of simply putting on your old Troy Polamalu jersey and calling it your Halloween costume, why not do something creative. For years people have been creating their own Halloween costumes constructed out of Natural Light boxes, but now the beer company has embraced the practice and rolled out a few costume ideas. They even provide step-by-step instructions!

Natty Light Halloween costume ideas include Bunny Ears, Cornhole, Boom Box, Surfer Bro, Broah’s Ark, and the impressive NattyTron robot. The instructions provide level of difficulty and how many Natty Light cases of beer you will need. Not only does the NattyTron looks amazing, but it needs ten empty beer cases. You finally have a valid excuse to buy ten cases of beer. Plus you can drink your Natty Light as you make your Natty Light costume then fuck up, then have an excuse to buy more cases of Natty Light. BRILLIANT!

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While everyone is living in the year 2018, you could be living in the year 3018 with this NattyTron robot costume.

Now you have a costume AND beer for your Halloween party. That’s some killing two birds with one stone shit right there. Check out all the Natty Light costumes and step-by-step directions HERE.

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