Maryland’s Comptroller Rips Natty Light’s 77-Pack (Which Sold Out), Wants Everyone Off His Damn Lawn

Maryland comptroller Natty Light 77-pack

Natural Light

When we reported that Natty Light was coming out with an unheard of 77-pack of beer, the response was, to put it mildly, incredibly positive.

And that was even before anyone knew what the price would be. Once that was revealed, the promotion blew up even more.

Introduced only in College Park, Maryland, the 77-packs of Natty Light completely sold out before UMD’s homecoming weekend with some stores reporting lines to buy them as they were being unloaded off the trucks.

All very cool, right? Well, anytime people are having fun it is a 100% guarantee that someone out there will throw a wet blanket on the situation. This time it was Maryland comptroller Peter Franchot.

For you see, Franchot is now accusing Anheuser-Busch of promoting binge-drinking to college students with its 77-pack of Natty Light, reports CBS News.

“They’re obviously promoting binge drinking by young people,” said Comptroller Peter Franchot, who is responsible for the taxation and regulation of alcohol in Maryland.

Large beverage companies have opposed Franchot’s efforts to promote locally-made craft beers, which he says create local jobs.

“The big brewers like Budweiser who are selling 77 cans of beer for .39 cents each to college kids, they don’t like craft brewers, unless they own them,” Franchot said.

Yes, Natty Light is trying to put craft brewers out of business with this move, not, you know, make money and gain attention in the marketplace, which is why they are in business.

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And get this, Franchot is even calling for an investigation, claiming large brewing companies have “corrupted Maryland legislators with questionable campaign contributions and favors.”

On the other hand…

Students said they were struck by the packaging, which resembled the shape of a keg and could be used as a portable cooler for the cans of beer inside.

“I think it’s to get around the keg ban here,” one student said.

“It’s brilliant marketing,” said another. “We only had it here and they make it like it was a one-time thing so that caused some of the hype.”

Indeed. Now…

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