Lena Dunham Claims Daniel Tosh Is The Most Misogynistic Person In Hollywood For Making Fun Of Her In 2012


Steve Carell just went on record saying that he’s not interested in an Office re-boot because he believes that it would face more problems than it’s worth given the increasingly sensitive political climate. Somewhere, someplace, Daniel Tosh is keeled over in laughter at this claim.

Tosh, the son of a strict Presbyterian minister, has made a lucrative career out of shock-and-awe humor that never kowtows to the pressures of political correctness. The 43-year-old Florida native’s biggest controversy came in 2012 when made a joke onstage about a female heckler getting gang raped. The joke was plucked out of context, but Tosh offered a rare apology. The year before, in a 2011 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tosh gave defended his brand of comedy:

“I’m not a misogynistic and racist person,” he stated. “But I do find those jokes funny, so I say them.”

Welp, Lena Dunham disagrees. On a recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, the host asked Dunham who she thought was the biggest misogynist in Hollywood. Her response: none other than Mr. Daniel Tosh:

“This isn’t a person who has like a ton of power, but the small amount he has, I feel he has used for ill and that’s Daniel Tosh,” Dunham concluded. “He said a really unkind thing about my breasts but he said it in a context in which I felt like he was shutting down a lot of women for having bodies he didn’t consider to be normative.”

She has evidently been harboring this resentment for over five years.

While the actual joke wasn’t specified, Tosh said in a 2012 Comedy Central bit on pepper spray: “The only thing that will burn your eyes worse is watching that chick get naked on ‘Girls.’”

Tosh has not responded to these serious allegations at this time.

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