The Man Who Only Drank Beer For Lent Lost An Absurd Amount Of Weight And It Sounds Like The Best Diet Ever

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There are no shortage of diet options out there for people who are trying to shed some pounds, and while they all differ in their approach, there’s one thing most of them have in common: they’re pretty damn miserable.

Some people channel their inner caveman by going paleo and others subsist on tea they bought from an influencer on social media while one social media mogul simply swears off food for an entire weekend, which seems like a totally good and incredibly healthy strategy.

Most experts agree abstaining from alcohol is an essential part of virtually every weight loss regimen, as it’s very easy for those largely empty calories to add up. As a result, I’d assume that a diet consisting entirely of alcohol wouldn’t be the best idea for more reasons than one, but if one man’s story is any indication, it might actually be one of the best options out there.

Last month, we introduced you to Del Hall, an Army veteran turned brewery employee who decided to make the ultimate sacrifice for Lent by opting to consume nothing but beer over the course of 46 days to pay tribute to the monks who did the same a few centuries back.

Hall consulted with a doctor and tracked his progress over the course of his journey, and after just one week, he revealed he’d lost 17 pounds.

He provided yet another update a few weeks later and announced that number had risen to almost 34 pounds over the course of the first month, which is certainly nothing to scoff at.

The Lenten season officially wrapped us last week, and when everything was said and done, Hall had dropped a grand total of 44 damn pounds thanks to his beer-only diet.

Hall said part of the reason he decided to go down the path he did was that he was struggling with an addiction to food and says the experience was a great way to reboot and learn how to resist the temptation to eat more than he should.

Keep fighting the good fight, my man.